Eve Austin White

Diamond Window

Posted on November 7, 2017

Another window sketch I did last year but didn’t find interesting until now. I think that for me, time is the most essential ingredient for art making.

gooey window

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I made this sketch a while ago and really didn’t like it at the time but now it think its alright. I feel kinda silly stressing over abstract art- its like there is no real reason it needs to look a certain way except that it will drive me crazy if it doesn’t.

Painting Edits

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Experimenting with editing old paintings onphotoshop. Makes me realize how much my taste for different color palettes has changed.

Spider Web

Posted on October 31, 2017

Just a little Halloween themed notebook sketch

Terre Living

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I did this oil painting as a commission for a friend. I made a photoshop collage (below) incorporating one of his travel photographs of brightly-colored houses on cliffs in Italy. I created a border using crossword puzzles and sudoku. He asked me to remove the bones from the original painting. I am working on a new sketch of the original plan because I want to have another try at a more detailed border and experiment with including the bones this time.

Here is a detail of the painting –

Eve Austin White